Friday, 22 January 2016

Inside the Mouse

Welcome to a quick look through our Knaus Motorhome. 

The front seats turn to create a lounge/dining room! In this photo the blinds are closed.

This is the same view, only with seats facing forward, and blinds open. 
The table has a leaf that extends to reach all the sitters.

This seat has storage underneath.

Into the middle section, which is the kitchen. Three burner stove, small prep space. Large sink.

Opposite the sink is a full size fridge with a microwave above, and a cupboard underneath that holds a toaster-oven (bought). The TV is on a swivel arm, just beside the fridge. It can be watched from the front seats, or from the back bed.

The door has a bug screen, concertina style.

Pantry cupboard on left under sink, three soft-close drawers under cooktop.

At the push of a button, a double bed slides down from the ceiling, above the table. 

Turning around to look to the back of the home, we see a "French bed" with the bathroom on the right, behind the sliding door. (Underneath the mattress extends to make it a full rectangle at night.)

Door open on the bathroom. 

Right hand wall has the sink and mirror, and then ...

 Two walls open out and overlap to enclose the loo, 

and the room becomes a shower. 

We'll upload more interior shots as we travel.

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